Questions and Answers

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1. Q - What is our family medical history?
    A - Out of all of the deceased relatives researched so far, causes of death were; two accidents, four heart attack, five pneumonia, three tuberculosis. Some medical conditions of living relatives are; arthritis, asthma, cancer and diabetes. As a whole, our family is just about average. The only thing that stands out is respiratory illness and heart disease. Take care of your heart and lungs!

2. Q - Why Kansas City? It seems to be very far away from Mexico
    A - Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

3. Q - Do we have any secret family recipies?
    A - Hopefully will be shared at the upcoming reunion

4. Q - What are some of our ancestor's / current family occupations?
    A - Barber, Carpenter, Computer Tech., Cook, Deputy Sherrif, Electrician, Entrepreneur, Farmer, Fireman, Jazz Musician, Mailman, Manager, Mathematician, Mechanic, Musicians, Nurse, Packinghouse Worker, Pharmacy Tech., Plumber, Produce Worker, Railroad Worker, Los Rancheros, Sailor, Sheep Hearder, Shoe Makers, Steel Worker, Tailor, Truck Driver.

5. Q - Do we have any war vetrans?
    A - Daniel Montoya, Pablo Montoya, and Clemente Montoya registered for WWI. Simon Montoya, Jesse Montoya, Daniel JR, and Hector Montoya served in the army for WWII. Jullian Lemos served in the Korean War. Three for Vietnam War. Persian Gulf War?

6. Q - What other cities or states do we have relatives?
    A - Kansas City area, El Paso Texas, Houston Texas, Omaha Nebraska, Traverse City Michigan, Chihuahua Mexico, Albuquerque New Mexico, Dallas Texas, San Diego California, Los Angeles California, Denver Colorado, Gomez De Palacio Durango Mexico, Fresnillo Mexico

7. Q - Has anyone done Genealogy research on the Montoya Family?
    A - Yes, Rick Montoya has started research and will share with everyone at the upcoming family reunion

8. Q - Has anyone done a Genealogy DNA test?
    A - Yes, Rick Montoya has done one and is waiting for the results

9. Q - What are some of our family stories?
    A - Hopefully will be shared at the upcoming reunion